Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Third Fracking Hearing on April 2, New Deadline for Written Comments

Gov. Perdue and Fracking

 Gov. Bev Perdue recently released a statement that appears to support fracking. She told WRAL-TV (click here) that she thought that "From what I saw fracking can be done safely if you regulate it and put fees in place to have inspectors on the ground."

The Governor ignores a couple of issues. First, “can be done safely” is quite different from “will be done safely”. The drilling industry will say that their safeguards will ensure that it will be safe to frack. The same industry said that deep water drilling in the Gulf of Mexico was safe.

Friday, March 16, 2012

The Future of Transportation in the Triangle

The Triangle region, particularly Wake County, is getting growing in population and in the number of cars on the road. Not surprisingly, congestion on the Triangle roads is getting worse. The following graphics, from the Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (CAMPO) Long Range Transportation Plan shows the congestion level of area roads during the evening rush hour. Green lines are free flowing non congested roads. Yellow lines are roads that are approaching congestion. Red lines are congested roads. 

Friday, March 2, 2012

Solar Power – Will the time come soon when no subsidies are needed?

The good news is that that time when subsidies are not needed for solar power is coming and may be here very soon.

One problem with renewable power, such as solar PV (sun to electricity) and wind is the cost. Presently, to be competitive with fossil fuels renewable power must be subsidized. Subsidies include tax breaks and the renewable energy requirements that require that utilities buy a certain amount of renewable energy, even if they have to pay more than their selling price for the power.