Wednesday, September 29, 2010

News Items

Here are some some recent news items that should be of interest to Conserve NC readers:

Landfill Methane energy plant announced
A story in the Cape Fear Business News describes a project in which methane gas, which is produced by the decomposition of material in a Wayne County landfill, will be used to fuel a small power plant with the energy sold to Progress Energy. This is methane (natural gas) that otherwise would have been released to the atmosphere.

More about the Falls Lake water quality
The Raleigh Public Record has a story about the quality of water in Falls Lake and the development of rules to protect the lake.

Bright days for solar energy
A warehouse in Holly Springs uses solar panels on its roof to generate power for use in the building and for sale to Progress Energy, according to a story in the News & Observer.

Most of state now in moderate drought
A story in the News & Observer reports that, according to the state's Drought Management Advisory Council, most of NC is now in a “moderate drought condition”, due to the lack of rainfall and the record breaking temperatures. Parts of Granville, Vance, Warren, and Franklin counties are in a “severe drought condition”. See

Water-gel based “artificial leaves” that produce electricity
Researchers at NC State University have produced solar cells from water-gel based material using plant chlorophyll, according to a story in One India, based in Bangalore, India.

New nuclear plants for Progress Energy?
According to this story in the News & Observer, Progress Energy may be rethinking its plans for future nuclear power units at its Harris nuclear plant in Wake County.

EPA Coal Ash Hearings
This Gaston Gazette story and this story in the Charlotte Observer report on the coal ash hearing the EPA conducted in Charlotte September 14. Molly Diggins, director of the NC Sierra Club, is quoted as saying "there is no agency or individual that can say how much coal ash we are generating, where it’s going, and whether it’s safe".

New 1MW Solar Plant Announced
According to a story in Solar Industry magazine and to their press release, ESA Renewables has been awarded a contract from TVA to build a 1 MW solar power plant, to be located about 200 miles southwest of Charlotte.